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One small step along the buyer’s journey

Infographics can have all sorts of different formats and styles, as well as copy of varying length and complexity. One key to getting the mix right is knowing where on the buyer’s journey the piece will be used.

This infographic encouraged volumes of Dell Technologies prospects to take the next step on the journey. And it won us a creative award.

One giant leap toward our client’s goal

Selling the solution versus selling the next step

For Dell Technologies, we’d already created an in-depth 19-page white paper meant to help sell the idea of putting the right IT infrastructure in place for running Microsoft SQL Server 2019. To target prospects not as far along the buyer’s journey, we needed to create a simpler, more accessible asset that would promote this free white paper.

Right messages, right volume

With that mission in mind, our writer-designer team pulled from the white paper just the right (and right amount of) high-level, benefits-driven messages. Then they riffed on a space concept, and presto: the right infographic for the job.

Strong concepts don’t just look nice

Our space concept helps suggest the future of IT and tomorrow’s business environment, in which only organizations with the right tech infrastructures and data capabilities will be nimble enough to thrive.