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We love explainer videos

B2B audiences like to watch them. They’re great for simplifying the complex. They’re proven to increase conversion rates and improve your standing in search results. And they personalize your brand and set you apart from the competition.

So when Micro Focus—one of the largest pure-play software companies in the world—needed to tell busy execs about its social-media governance and archiving software (pretty complex stuff), we put our scriptwriting and animation hats on.

Communicating complex ideas simply

We had to hurry

The deadline for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was approaching fast. And plenty of big corporations weren’t ready. Micro Focus was in a hurry to tell these companies that its software could help them comply with GDPR and reduce the risks of social media use.

Classic tech marketing challenge

As we often do, we found ourselves needing to explain a complex technological problem and solution to an audience of busy executives. Oh, and compel them to learn more.

We got animated

We created a digestible, three-minute video with engaging animations and a compelling voiceover. The video provided a simple, high-level view of the ways Micro Focus mitigates corporate SoMe risk and aids in compliance.

Micro Focus Video

Engaging animation helped deliver the complex Micro Focus message simply and compellingly.

Displayed at events and online, the video generated leads from across industries and won an award.

Micro Focus Animation Video

“MarketReach … listened to us and delivered exactly what we needed, on time and on budget.”

—Lori Ann Hall, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus