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Event giveaway

Sent home with robots

The global software company UiPath is attracting a lot of attention in the robotic process automation (RPA) realm. With the UiPath platform, businesses and government agencies are automating manual computer processes and achieving unprecedented work speeds, efficiency, and profitability.

As a go-to content developer for UiPath, we had already produced explainer videos, digital ads, event displays, and social media content when they came to us for a giveaway for their “Take a Robot Home” event campaign.

Recipe cards for cooking up bots

Fun, useful, personal

UiPath demonstrates fun, personal robots in its event booth. They’re bots that can automate movie searches or food orders, sift through piles of email, or resolve scheduling conflicts.

Keep the product demo going

To appreciate the UiPath platform, you need to play around with it. So, we created a pocket-sized pack of cards that explain how to build personal bots at home, on your own computer, in your own time.

Bot building can be addictive

Less like tradeshow literature and more like a fun robot starter kit, the Robot Pack has been a hit. UiPath still uses it, and we’ve since spun off a second version of the popular giveaway.

UI Path Robot Pack Marketing Cards
UI Path Event Marketing Campaign

The pocket-size 12-card Robot Pack lets show attendees explore UiPath’s robotic process automation platform at home.

By building useful personal bots, prospects experience the UiPath platform’s ease-of-use firsthand. It’s a product demo that’s obsessively fun.

UI Path Event Marketing Giveaway

“MarketReach’s client service consistently exceeds my expectations. They work with my schedule and objectives as if they are their own. MarketReach is not my service provider; they are my partners.”

—James Walker, Director, Public Sector Marketing, UiPath