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Event engagement

Drawing a crowd is only half the battle

You also need to engage that crowd with your solution. Hewlett Packard Enterprise wanted to show how easy it was to use their infrastructure-management software. We attracted crowds of IT pros with an invitation to play and compete. Our game gave each player a firsthand experience of the software and collected valuable leads.

Mission accomplished.

Six screens, four tablets, and some friendly competition

Racing to deploy a server … and win cool socks

“The HPE Cloud Challenge” simulates the experience of using HPE software. Players race against time to deploy a server or create a virtual machine. The prize? Bragging rights and some snazzy HPE dress socks.

Conversations started, leads collected

For years, HPE has used our game to start conversations and capture leads.

A game that can evolve

We conceptualized and built the HPE Cloud Challenge for HPE and took care to make it customizable. As HPE’s software has evolved, we’ve been able to quickly update the platform with new games.

HPE Cloud Challenge Game

Playing to crowds the world over

Worked so nice, we cloned it twice

To allow HPE to use the Cloud Challenge at more events, we built two others. HPE has used its three platforms at events in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

HPE Infosight Challenge Demo

Players race against time to deploy a new server or create a new virtual machine.

Automatic tweets announce leaders’ names event-wide and invite others to play.

VTI Customer Guide
HPE Discover 2019 Game

The game doesn’t just say HPE’s software is easy to use. It shows it.


of plays per show


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