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Stop building awareness – and start building mindshare

By Rod Griffith
February 4, 2014

We define mindshare simply as: awareness extended over time. So when you’re trying to generate qualified leads, you need to focus on capturing mindshare – not just awareness. That’s because awareness – when you really think about it – is directly related to timing. That is, how aware someone is of your company and its solutions can depend very much on the timing. If they just finished reading an article you wrote or an email you sent out, their awareness level for your company and solution(s) may be high.

But how does that awareness level look a week later? A month later? Nine months later?

Building Mindshare

The fact is, unless you take active steps to extend that awareness, it will decay. Awareness decay happens quickly – and can literally force you to start all over again in your efforts to re-establish awareness. That’s time-consuming, highly inefficient and expensive.

That’s where mindshare comes in. To generate mindshare requires generating awareness – and then maintaining that awareness over an extended period of time . If a prospective customer learns of your company and solutions through a blog article, they may remember you for a few days – maybe even a few weeks (if you’re lucky).

But what if it takes months before that customer begins to realize they have a specific need for your type of product/solution? Will they still remember you (and your primary customer value proposition) when that time comes? Not likely if the last thing they saw from you was that blog article nine months earlier.

Lead Incubation Programs

Lead Incubation programs can help you overcome this timing challenge. Lead Incubation (a.k.a. Lead Nurturing) programs are designed to extend the awareness of your company and solutions (i.e., build mindshare ) through a well-designed, carefully synchronized series of outbound marketing initiatives meant to leverage the initial awareness generated among prospective customers, and encourage and entice customers to establish an opt-in relationship with you that allows you to communicate to them regularly.

By providing your prospective customers with a valid reason to establish an ongoing relationship with you (via e-newsletters, blog sites, tutorials/videos, and other free resources and engagement tools) – and then encourage that relationship to become an actual dialogue – you’ll significantly reduce awareness decay and build mindshare.

The net goal of creating this mindshare among your prospective customers is so when the time comes where they realize they need to solve a problem in which your company’s solutions or services can solve, they immediately think of you first as their primary solution to reach out to.

Rod Griffith

Chief Client Officer

Rod cofounded MarketReach in 1994, after working as a Marketing Manager at DEC, and brings a wealth of B2B technology marketing strategies and tactics to the table. Rod enjoys working with customers and sharing his vast experience of marketing initiatives, programs, events, and sales tools. If you’re a Beatles fan, plan to set aside a solid week when you chat with Rod.

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