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The role of the quality assurance team in your marketing

By Justin Durso
July 18, 2014

No matter what line of work you’re in, we’re all busy, right? We’re sending off email after email, squeezing in conference calls, attending meetings – all while multi-tasking to get the next project off and running. And so, it’s understandable that mistakes happen. We’re all human after all.

Balancing work

While an occasional small mistake is typically overlooked in emails and similar informal communications, such mistakes should be far less tolerated within your marketing materials, sales collateral, website, newsletters and other important communication vehicles. Whether it be something as small as a typo, a missing page number, a bad link – or something more worrisome, such as a person’s name being spelled wrong, or worse, a big chunk of missing text – mistakes in your sales material can make your company look unreliable and lead to customer concerns over your attention to detail and quality.

To help avoid such negative impact, make sure your marketing service company has a formal quality assurance department (like MarketReach).

Marketing Quality Assurance

When one hears “quality assurance” it is typically related to part of the engineering or manufacturing process as a way to ensure products meet their intended specifications. However, it also entails ensuring quality service and preventing problems before they occur – and this can apply to virtually any function in any industry. Basically, a quality assurance team is responsible for finding mistakes before anyone else does, and making sure deliverables comply with pre-defined standards. They are the company’s quality safety net. A well-run, amply-trained quality assurance department brings a number of additional benefits to your company:

A reputation for quality and reliability
Without proper quality assurance processes, even simple errors can damage your reputation, reduce customer confidence, increase your competitive vulnerability, and hurt sales revenues.

Time and money savings
A reliable quality assurance team can avoid wasting time and money by reducing the amount of resources spent on repetitive correction cycles, helping to ensure that materials are delivered on time. And because the quality assurance team finds errors earlier in the development process, you avoid the expense of project reworks (or scrapped printing runs, for example).

More impactful sales collateral and tools
An experienced quality assurance team will have a strong background in editing and a firm grasp on commonly accepted business practices and rules for grammar and punctuation. The initial draft may be good – but it’s the quality assurance team’s job to make it even better – with a stronger ability to hold customer attention and communicate key messaging. And a quality assurance team that’s familiar with your industry means your sales collateral is designed to speak in the language of your customers.

Consistent branding that is on-point
Your company has its own unique brand – typically both a visual brand and a writing brand (style). A quality assurance team helps ensure all written sales content and all sales collateral designs are consistently supporting your company’s brand and style guidelines. An experienced quality assurance team will fill their brains with the nuances of your company’s brand, and know just what to look out for when editing and proofing. Brand compliance and reinforcement are essential to establishing and building your company’s uniqueness in the marketplace.

So if you find yourself rushing to produce new sales collateral or sales tools for your company, make sure you have a well-trained, highly experienced quality assurance team to ensure your sales collateral and tools are designed for maximum customer impact. In addition, those extra sets of eyes will give you a greater sense of confidence that your sales materials are strongly aligned with your company brand – both visual and written. Being confident in your quality assurance team means one less thing to worry about and gives you the peace of mind that allows you to focus on other needs (like getting through all of your email).

Justin Durso

Digital Producer

Justin is the digital guru (shown here coming off his mountain). He manages all manner of digital marketing projects, including social media, maintaining client web sites, and developing content for the MarketReach Xperion platform. When he rejoins the analog world, Justin likes to catch fish and play the drums… presumably at different times.

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