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Meet our team

Well, hello there. Come on in and say hi.

Photo of Anna Pantazis
Anna Pantazis

Account Manager

Anna loves long walks on the beach and the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion. With a BA in marketing and 18 years of experience, Anna loves making her clients happy. Anna is also pretty badass, as she once swam with a whale shark in Puerto Rico. She loves camping with her family and playing with her boxer, Rosie.
Photo of Kelley L. Maher
Kelley L. Maher

Senior Account Manager

Kelley is a multitasking maniac who encourages her overstressed customers to, “Slow down, take a breath, and tell us EVERYTHING!” She enjoys brainstorming with peers and helping clients out of tight situations. Kelley loves hanging with her husband, 4 kids, 2 beagles, and Chubs the bunny. Her happy place is the ocean, but she lives in the Arizona desert. (Really?)

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Photo of Eric Guild
Eric Guild

Senior Graphic Designer

A lover of all things tech, Eric is always looking for more creative and efficient ways to overcome challenges. He’s a guru of printed and digital work, including logos, websites, apps, infographics, and so much more! One word to sum Eric up: coffee. Always. Coffee. When he’s unplugged from work, he enjoys playing softball and baseball, hiking, camping, visiting the ocean, and taking photos.
Photo of Beth Pike
Beth Pike

Jr. Motion Designer

Beth has brought some serious talent to the video group. A self-professed perfectionist, she reviews and tweaks her videos over and over to get them right where she wants them. Beth is also a huge geek. Her fandoms include *Star Wars*, *Marvel*, *Doctor Who*, and *Harry Potter*. She’s also a total Hufflepuff!

Photo of Sara Desharnais
Sara Desharnais


Sara loves everything about words! She is an avid reader of the fantasy genre and is one of our proud Hufflepuffs. Sara brings quality and consistency with her zealous proofreading and copyediting skills. She wields her own brand of punny humor, and her frequent spontaneous giggle outbreaks are an integral part of the MarketReach culture.

Photo of Jenn Farkas
Jenn Farkas

Brand Manager

Jenn’s unparalleled multitasking skills and her “bit of OCD” tendencies have made her a perfect fit for a designer and following brand guidelines. (She’s a total stickler for rules). Typography makes her happy. Jenn is a superhero mom of twins, a softball player, and a huge Boston sports fan. A seasoned traveler, Jenn loves the Caribbean (the Grenadines are her favorite).
Photo of Dave Jagodowski
Dave Jagodowski

Technology Marketing Writer

When Dave’s not writing awesome copy, he teaches physics part-time at a local university. He has a quick wit, and he’s shocked everyone here with his hilarious comments. When he’s not at work, Dave loves the outdoors and Manhattans. He and his wife also have their own personal zoo of 15 (so far!) rescue animals at home, excluding fish.
Photo of Gloria Hudon
Gloria Hudon

Office Manager

To say that Gloria keeps the office going is a gross understatement. Logistics, event planning, travel planning, shipping—if you need anything, Gloria will get it done! She loves the variety of things she gets to do daily. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is to travel. Her favorite place to go: Aruba.
Photo of Justin Durso
Justin Durso

Digital Producer

Justin is our digital production guru (shown here coming off his mountain). He manages all manner of digital marketing projects, including social media, maintaining client web sites, and developing content for the Xperion platform. When he rejoins the analog world, Justin likes to catch fish and play the drums ... presumably at different times.

Photo of Beth Pike
Beth Pike

Junior Motion Designer

Beth has brought some serious talent to the video group. A self-professed perfectionist, she reviews and tweaks her videos over and over to get them right where she wants them. Beth is also a huge geek. Her fandoms include *Star Wars*, *Marvel*, *Doctor Who*, and *Harry Potter*. She’s also a total Hufflepuff!

We’re the

Photo of Lyn Porter
Lyn Porter

Traffic Manager

Lyn is the master of “air-traffic control,” making sure the clients’ projects are on time and running smoothly. She’s kind of a big deal. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her husband, kiddos, and her two snuggly rescue pups. Lyn is totally not ashamed to say she has watched all 10 seasons of *Friends* over seven times. (Seriously, ask her anything!)
Photo of Jennifer Lyn Fair
Jennifer Lyn Fair

Graphic Designer

Jenn came to MarketReach after working as a Senior Graphic Designer at a regional newspaper. Her days are almost exclusively dedicated to a single MarketReach client to meet their fast schedules. Known for her dedication, Jenn stays as long as it takes to get a job done. She loves soccer, reading, gardening, and photography and aspires to adopt a dog. (Uh-oh. There goes the garden!)
Michelle Hart

Finance Manger

Around here, Michelle is a superhero. She balances the books, sleuths out missing invoices, answers everyone’s HR questions, and manages the payroll. It’s a lot to ask of any one person, which is why everyone here tends to be extra tolerant whenever Michelle has one of her “episodes” and spontaneously starts singing out loud. Classic ’70s songs. Very loudly.
Photo of Julie Eckmann
Julie Eckmann

Senior Marketing Project Manager

Julie has an uncanny knack for spotting inconsistencies and has some serious attention for detail. Not surprising with an English degree alongside her many years in marketing! Julie has built some impressive relationships with her long-term clients. When she isn’t at work, Julie enjoys singing along to the radio (albeit slightly off-key), ballet, and summer fun with friends and family.
Photo of Chris Zecco
Chris Zecco

Video Manager

Chris makes things move at MarketReach! As the point person for every video and motion graphics project, Chris manages the people, places, and things that ensure delivery of a polished video that tells a compelling story. When Chris isn’t working fervently on a client project, he likes to put on mirrored sunglasses and ponder his vast collection of useless information.
Photo of Eryn Mahoney
Eryn Mahoney

Senior Graphic Designer

An avid athlete, Eryn brings her competitive spirit to MarketReach, thinking outside the box and taking initiative to solve design challenges. Whether you need animated infographics, websites, branding, print, or a full campaign, Eryn encourages you to trust the MarketReach team to help you be successful. FYI, if you need a job done quickly, doughnuts and cupcakes are her weakness. (Just sayin’…)

Photo of Corey Smedstad
Corey Smedstad

Backend Web Developer

Corey is a natural problem solver with a knack for simplifying the tech field's tendency for complexity. He's a quick study that's always striving for a better solution. Corey also has a quick wit that makes you question his introverted nature. Once a week, he declares podcast bankruptcy. When he’s not at work, he enjoys skiing, biking, gaming, and craft beer.
Photo of Cheryl Chapman
Cheryl Chapman

Senior Account Manager

Cheryl works out of Texas, so you know there’s no slack in her rope! She has a long history of working with MarketReach customers to identify their marketing needs and collect the information required to git ’er done, fast and right. On those rare occasions when Cheryl’s not supporting a customer, she likes to tend to her garden and wrangle cats.
Photo of Johnathon Busto
Johnathon Busto

Motion Graphics Designer

One of our remote workers, Johnathon loves discovering new videography techniques to make his work more creative. He works closely with clients and focuses on bringing their solutions to life. When Johnathon isn’t working, he’s roasting out in the Texas sun. (Good thing he loves humidity!) He also loves to travel with his wife.

Photo of Dan DiPiro
Dan DiPiro

Associate Creative Director / Copy Chief

With over two decades of experience as a writer and content strategist, Dan will be the first one to tell you he knows what he’s doing. He oversees all things related to copy. (Don’t call it *content*. He hates that.) Dan enjoys the challenge of writing for clients who expect, recognize, and welcome good writing, and shares this passion within his copy team.

Photo of Rory Kellermann
Rory Kellermann

Senior Project Manager

Being dedicated to a fast-paced client is not easy, but Rory sure makes it look like it! Always willing to go above and beyond, she loves when our work makes clients look good and they see it as their success. Random fact: In high school and college, Rory worked as a florist—everything from small arrangements to weddings!
Photo of Craig Clarke
Craig Clarke

Senior Proofreader

With meticulous attention to detail, Craig is a proofing guru and copyeditor—a true wordsmith with a pun for all occasions. He loves to learn new things, so he’s always reading and welcomes recommendations. He can be crotchety, but his wonderful wife and two amazing kids keep him from descending into full curmudgeonhood. He appreciates that.

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Photo of Joanne Marie Duhaime
Joanne Marie Duhaime

Senior Production Designer

Cat mom of three Siamese rescues, Joanne is our resident “crazy cat lady.” =^..^= This Army veteran loves structure. She’s a step-by-step gal and will not go to step 2 without completing step 1! With an extensive background in desktop publishing and production, Joanne is obsessed with company branding. She also loves shiny things and bling, especially tiaras, and enjoys photography and Zentangle.
Photo of Matt Demers
Matt Demers

Design Manager

As a team manager, Matt is hyperfocused on all the projects that come through our Design department. And he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and flex his design muscles! Matt is also a volunteer coach and board member for youth baseball, which allows him to give back to the community by building young leaders while also spending valuable time with his two sons.
Photo of Tim Gelinas
Tim Gelinas

Interactive Operations Director

As web development leader, Tim keeps his team educated on the latest patterns and trends. The quintessential perfectionist, Tim guides clients through the nitty-gritty details essential to shaping a web product that fulfills their vision. On weekends, you are likely to find Tim riding his motorcycle through scenic New Hampshire woodlands and savoring time with his wife and two dogs.

Photo of Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham

Account Manager

Jen likes surrounding herself with amazing talented people. She manages campaigns and events and goes to great lengths to ensure her customers are always taken care of. Jen is the kind of person you’d actually WANT to sit with on a long flight. If you get that chance, order a couple of Cape Codders … and maybe something for yourself.
Photo of Rod Griffith
Rod Griffith

Chief Client Officer

Rod cofounded MarketReach in 1994, after working as a marketing manager at DEC, and brings over 35 years of B2B technology marketing strategies to the table. When he’s not speaking at events or publishing articles, Rod helps his clients develop marketing campaigns to achieve their business goals. If you’re a Beatles fan, better set aside a full week when you chat with Rod.
Photo of Alicia  Otero
Alicia Otero

Accounting Assistant

A key member of the finance team, Alicia is involved in accounting, billing, and all the things that keep the ship afloat. Her philosophy? “I pretty much love to enjoy life and laugh.” Alicia is currently earning a degree in accounting and enjoys the ocean, cruising, traveling, and spending time with her daughters and two grandsons.
Photo of Carl Genatossio
Carl Genatossio

Creative Director

Carl has more years of marketing experience than most people at MarketReach have years. He’s our Bill Belichick of creativity, overseeing all the creative-types and helping spur idea generation. (Sometimes with actual spurs.) A master brainstormer, Carl takes satisfaction in watching his team learn and grow. When not being brilliant, Carl likes to seek out lighthouses that resemble his soul patch.

Photo of Norma Oakes
Norma Oakes

Accounts Director

Norma brings over 25 years of marketing expertise from multiple Fortune 500 companies, where she managed complex high-visibility programs and events. She is responsible for driving the overall success and development of existing accounts, and works closely with account managers to develop individual success plans. For Norma, it’s all about helping our clients achieve their goals, and really, that’s the essence of MarketReach.
Photo of Greg Hooven
Greg Hooven


Greg’s goal for every client is to make MarketReach feel like an extension of their own team. He understands the how, where, and why that make every deliverable as effective as possible. As president, Greg is a man of few words, but he would never tell you that. His affinity for T-shirts is in sharp contrast to his positive “roll up your sleeves” attitude.
Photo of Sue Yarger
Sue Yarger

Account Manager

Even though MarketReach doesn’t have a mascot, Sue’s silky dachshund Ruby has been the unofficial one for years. When Sue isn’t working hard with her clients, she enjoys riding her motorcycle and attending music festivals. She also loves hedgehogs. Who can blame her? They are adorable!